"An individual plant or animal is nothing less and nothing more than the sum of the relationships it has with the world."-DSF

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

SiteSection Butterfly Poster

The SiteSection butterfly poster is available for purchase!
Though we will accept $10/poster, we encourage larger donations in support of BRDC’s ongoing educational work. Posters can be bought at Shades of Nature in Mouth of Wilson, VA, Grayson Highlands State Park (eventually), the Mount Rogers Naturalist Rally, and various BRDC events throughout the course of the year.
For holding copies in reserve, checks should be sent to Scott Jackson-Ricketts, at 253 Little Big Horn Lane, Independence, VA, 24348. Scott, Aaron Floyd and Devin Floyd will also have a few in hand. At this time, there are not many available, so this will be a first come first serve situation. If a large enough interest is expressed, we will have more printed.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Two Flowering Plants: What are they?

A couple of weeks ago during a woodland stroll a good friend of mine and I came across these flowering plants. Both of them were growing on southeast facing heavily wooded terrain. The conditions at this site are normally very dry this time of year as the soil is shallow, rocky and well drained. But with the recent heatwave and dry spell, the woods were down right crispy. The flowering plants below did not mind these conditions.
So, getting to the point: What species are they? We'd like to know if you have ideas!

Context: dry mesic woods + acidic high base soil + southeast facing slope + oak/hickory/poplar forest +elevation 790' + North Garden, Albemarle County Va. + early July

Unidentified plant #1:

Unidentified plant #2: